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Health Insurance

Health Insurance Covers the cost of private healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment.


Covers the cost of private healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment, in a network of private hospitals/facilities. Local and international health cover is available, depending upon your needs.


This is an employer sponsored health cover, to its employees and in some cases, it is extended to the dependents of the employee. With access to such a policy, it is possible to get insurance coverage for medical treatment as well as hospitalization if you suffer from an accident or illness.


We need the following information to provide you with an accurate quotation

  • Your date of birth. Age is one of the key determinants of health insurance premiums because the older we get the more likely we are to require medical treatment.
  • Your choice of cover – whether you want cover for just hospital treatment (in-patient) or for everyday expenses as well (Out-patient). You could also extend to maternity cover. It is important to note that, most In-patient covers come with in built Dental and Optical cover and also the limits.

Possibly, depending on what the medical condition is/was. If you are being medically underwritten, you will be presented with one of five outcomes:

  1. Treatment of your pre-existing condition is covered in line with the policy terms.
  2. Treatment of your pre-existing condition is covered but there is an increase in premium (often referred to as a loading) to cover the additional risk to the insurer.
  3. Treatment of your pre-existing condition is excluded from cover.
  4. You are given a waiting period of which the pre-existing condition is not underwritten. However, after that period, you are fully covered
  5.  The insurer declines to provide any cover.

No. With all medical policies you have to wait (typically 9 to 12 months) before maternity cover is eligible.

We make sure you have the right policy to meet your needs now and at renewal and that all policy administration is as smooth and straightforward as it can be.

Most changes to the level of cover can only be made at policy renewal. If you want to increase or decrease your level of cover the insurer may ask you to complete a medical questionnaire for re-underwriting before they accept your application.

We will contact you two months prior to the renewal date to check if you want to make any changes.

Health insurance policies are annual contracts, so midterm cancellations and premium refunds are not typically permitted. However, insurers do have different rules so please contact us for guidance.

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